History of the Liquid Crystal Watch

George Heilmier
Dr. George Heilmier, RCA

"The Liquid Crystal Display concept could lead to quite different approaches for some fairly conventional commercial products. One such product which falls into this classification is the familiar time indicator or clock"

"In years to come the Liquid Crystal Display concept may yield a practical thin screen competitor to the cathode ray tube used in radar and TV displays."

LCD Development Team
Luke Barton, Joe Castellano, George Heilmier, Joel Goldmacher & Louis Zanoni
Louis Zanoni Filling LCD Panel
George Heilmier and Louis Zanoni at Trade Show
Louis Zanoni Holding LCD TV Test Pattern Outside RCA Labs
Workers at Optel Corporation in Princeton, NJ
LCD Display Connected to the First Digital Watch Breadboard
On May 28,1968, RCA Labs issued a press release advising the world that they had developed a revolutionary new type of electronic display.

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Optel Corporation was formed to develop, manufacture and sell electronic and opto-electronic devices and systems to be used in various areas of communications and data-processing

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